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Today is a special day for me; and it for two reason.
The first reason, is that it is my birthday(anniversary). J e thus thank the GOD ¨PUISSANT FATHER TOUT, at the moment whom he(it) gives me to live. I show him(her), to GOD, all my gratitude(recognition) because without him I am nothing. So, I ask to stay up always me and to bless all that I make.

The second reason, it is My DIDIER DROGBA. And yes, DIDIER DROGBA. Just as I am writing this note there is a debate on him on the Ivory Coast television with the guessan journalist Rash N' and good the other guests.
For a very good reason, certain persons in charge of the Ivory Coast football _même certain joueurs_ want to spread(to push aside) him(it) from the national team.

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