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It is the stammerer who is incapable to pronounce the words beginning with a "B". This handicap traumatizes him(it), especially when it is in the barter with his(her) friends, when they command(order) all a beer and when he filters in on Orangina under moqueries.nLe in the evening, in front of his ice(mirror,ice cream), it thus trains of long hours to pronounce .nUn "beer" beautiful day, the miracle occurs and it makes a success(succeeds): " I would want one b, one b, one b a BEER!!!! "

The next day, happy to be comes there, he joins his(her) friends to the bar and prevent(warn) them that they are not any more going to be able to mess him because he is going to show them that he can command(order) the same thing(matter) as them! NQuand the waitress arrives, he(it) concentrates and places order:n-B., Hello (this word, he(it) arrives there!) mad miss, me I I to voudrrr I to voudrrrr I would want one b one b one b a BIERE.nApothéose, he is happy and his friends the félicitent.nLa waitress asks him(her) then:n-for Blonde(Lager) or for Brunette? N-Euuuuhhhhh, B. one b one b one b, Orangina.


Je vous contacter à mais je n'ai pas obtenu de réponse, s'il vous plaît answear mes courriels.

Merci, Ana Garcia, Fernando

Écrit par : bet365 | 27/06/2011

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